The 2020 Dodge Challenger is a muscle car that combines the nostalgia of the 1970s and 80's with modern convenience to deliver a powerful Dodge sedan that will always draw attention.

Driving the 2020 Dodge Challenger gives you the experience of handling a Dodge sportscar, owing to its use of the Hemi-V8 engine in the higher trim levels, which boasts of Horsepower exceeding 700 easily. 

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A lift kit alters the original suspension system of a jeep and lifts its body to enable the vehicle to perform better even in extreme off-road conditions. As the suspension system gets re-engineered upon using a lift kit, it is crucial that you choose the right kit to derive the intended results.

Experts at our auto center in Columba, SC, can help you choose the right lift kit for your Jeep. We understand your vehicle and your own driving and budget needs, to recommend the best lift kit.

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According to the EPA, the 2020 RAMs today are highly fuel-efficient. If you are near Pontiac, Dentsville, and Blythewood looking for RAM EcoDiesel, you have landed on the right page. Our JTs Dodgeland dealership in Columbia, SC, is here to serve all your needs. We have all models of RAM trucks for sale.

Fuel Economy

The 2WD model 2020 RAMs today will give mpg of 22 and 32 in city and highway, respectively. RAM trucks of half-ton are designed at mpg of 21 and 29 in city and highway respectively when they...continue reading

The Jeep Renegade is back in 2020 with new features, a lauded trim level in the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, and enough add-ons to give you the ideal urban-friendly driving experience in Columba, South Carolina. The 2020 Jeep Renegade hatch is a subcompact SUV that can be geared both towards in-city driving or off-road journeys, depending on the trim and package you select.

With good fuel economy and power steering, the 2020 Renegade is one of the best among other Jeep latest models in the market. 

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When considering to buy a car, you may come across many options in the market, but a Dodge vehicle easily wins the race with many advantages and features. If you are wondering if a Dodge vehicle is the right choice for you, here are tops five reasons to give it a try.

Wide selection and choice: No matter how varied your needs or taste may be, the Dodge line up has a car for every requirement. Right from an extensive range of colors to premium features and state of the art interiors, Dodge vehicles rank high in both style...continue reading